This is a list of all combined Results

Archived Results from past meets

All of these results were timed with a F.A.T. timing system

2017-10-07_Don Stoner Girls Varsity
2017-10-07_Don Stoner Girls JV
2017-10-07_Don Stoner Boys Varsity
2017-10-07_Don Stoner Boys JV
2017-05-19_1A West Regional Championships
2017-05-18_3A West Regional Championships
2017-05-13_ESDAA Track and Field Championships
2017-05-12_Washington County Championships
2017-05-08_JV Frederick County Championship
2017-05-03_Frederick County Championship
2017-05-03_Frederick County Championship Division Results
2017-05-02_Husky Invitational
2017-04-22_Talley-Zimmerman Invitational
2017-04-15_Patriot Invitational
2017-04-12_Southeast Quad
2017-04-08_Charas Heurich Invitational
2017-04-05_Urbana Quad Meet 1
2017-04-01_Dwight Scott Invitational
2017-03-29_Fraser Relays
2017-03-25_Urbana Relays
2017-03-21_Quinn Hoover Invite
2017-02-04_2A West Regional Championships
2017-02-04_1A West Regional Championships
2017-01-27_Western Maryland JV Championship
2017-01-21_Federick County Championship
2017-01-21_Federick County Championship Divison
2017-01-20_Washington County Championship
2017-01-13_Warrior Invite
2017-01-06_Smithsburg Invitational
2016-12-23_Dwight Scott Invitational
2016-12-09_Terry Baker Invitational
2016-10-05_City Hagerstown CC Championships Girls
2016-10-05_City Hagerstown CC Championships Boys
2016-05-20_1A West Regional Championships
2016-05-19_3A West Regional Championships
2016-05-14_ESDAA Track and Field Championships
2016-05-12_Washington County Championships
2016-05-04_Frederick County Championships
2016-05-03_Husky Invitational
2016-04-30_Patriot Invitational
2016-04-27_Boonsboro and Century at Walkersville Tri Meet
2016-04-22_37th Lanham Rebel Relays
2016-04-19_Southeast Quad Meet
2016-04-16_Talley-Zimmerman Invitational
2016-04-13_Charas Heurich Invitational
2016-04-02_Dwight Scott Invitational
2016-03-30_Fraser Relays
2016-03-26_Urbana Relays
2016-03-22_Quinn Hoover Invitational
2016-01-30_MPSSAA 1A West Regional Championship
2016-01-22_Federick County Championship
2016-01-15_Washington County Championship
2016-01-08_Western Maryland Winter Invitational
2016-01-02_Smithsburg Invitational
2015-12-18_Dwight Scott Invitational
2015-12-11_Warrior Invitational
2015-12-04_Terry Baker Invitational
2015-10-21_Stoner Invitational CC Girls
2015-10-21_Stoner Invitational CC Boys
2015-10-10_Wildcat Invitational CC Girls Varsity
2015-10-10_Wildcat Invitational CC Girls JV
2015-10-10_Wildcat Invitational CC Boy Varsity
2015-10-10_Wildcat Invitational CC Boy JV
2015-05-16_2A West Regional Championships
2015-05-15_1A West Regional Championships
2015-05-07_Washington County Championship
2015-05-06_Frederick County Championship
2015-05-04_Husky Invitational
2015-04-18_MACA Track and Field Classic
2015-04-11_Heurich Invitational
2015-04-04_Dwight Scott Invitational
2015-04-02_Patriot Invitational
2015-03-25_Fraser Relays
2015-03-21_Urbana Relays
2015-02-07_2A West Region Championship
2015-01-30_1A West Region Championship
2015-01-23_Frederick County Championship
2015-01-16_Washington County Championship
2015-01-10_MVAL Piedmont Championship
2015-01-09_MVAL Antietam Championship
2015-01-02_Smithsburg Invitational
2014-12-19_Dwight Scott Invitational
2014-12-12_Warrior Invitational
2014-12-05_Terry Baker Invitational
2014-10-23_Washington County CC Champ Girls
2014-10-23_Washington County CC Champ Boys
2014-05-17_3A West Region Championship
2014-05-17_2A West Region Championship
2014-05-16_1A West Region Championships
2014-05-10_ESDAA Championships
2014-05-08_Washington County Championships
2014-05-07_Frederick County Championships
2014-05-05_Husky Invitational
2014-05-01_MVAL Antietam Championship
2014-04-26_Talley-Zimmerman Invitational
2014-04-19_Chuck Zonis Invitational
2014-04-12_Charas Heurich Invitational
2014-04-05_Dwight Scott Invitational
2014-03-29_Patriot Invitational
2014-03-21_Quinn Hoover Invitational
2014-02-08_2A West Regional Championship Meet
2014-02-01_1A West Regional Championship Meet
2014-01-17_Washington County Championships Indoor
2013-12-20_Dwight Scott Invitational
2013-12-13_Warrior Invitational
2013-12-06_Terry Baker Invitational
2013-05-18_2A West Region Championship Meet
2013-05-17_1A West Region Championship Meet
2013-05-16_Day 1 2A West Region Championship Meet
2013-05-11_Frederick County Championships
2013-05-09_Washington County Championships
2013-05-03_MVAL Anitetam Championships
2013-04-20_Zonis Invitational
2013-04-13_Charas Heurich Invitational
2013-03-23_Knights and Lions Invitational
2013-03-22_Quinn Hoover Invitational
2013-02-09_2A West Regional Championship Meet
2013-02-08_Hagerstown CC Invitational 2
2013-02-02_1A West Regional Championship Meet
2013-01-18_Washington County Championship
2013-01-04_MVAL Antietam Championships
2012-12-21_Dwight Scott Western Maryland Invite
2012-12-15_HCC HS Invitational
2012-06-02_Jack Griffin Mid-Atlantic Prep Track & Field Classic
2012-05-18_1A West Region Meet
2012-05-12_ESDAA Championships
2012-05-10_Washington County Championship Meet
2012-04-14_Charas Heurich Invitational
2012-03-24_Urbana Relays
2012-03-23_Clear Spring Invitational
2012-02-11_1A West Region Meet
2012-01-28_Hagerstown CC Invitational
2012-01-27_Smithsburg Quads
2012-01-20_Washington County Indoor Championship
2012-01-06_MVAL Antietam Conference Championships
2011-12-21_Dwight Scott Western Maryland Relays
2011-12-17_HCC Invitational
2011-12-10_Warrior Invitational
2011-12-03_Terry Baker Invitational
2011-07-16_Beckwith Fun Run 2011
2011-07-16_Beckwith 5K 2011
2011-06-12_Jack Griffin Mid-Atlantic prep track & field classic
2011-05-12_Washington County Championship Meet
2011-05-02_Antietam Conference
2011-04-27_Tri State Invitational
2011-04-23_Chuck Zonis Invitational
2011-04-15_Rebel Relays
2011-04-09_Charas Heurich Invitational
2011-03-25_Clear Spring Invitational
2011-02-05_1A West Region Meet
2011-01-28_Washington County Invite
2011-01-21_Washington County Indoor Track Championship
2011-01-07_Antietam Conference Championship
2010-12-22_Dwight Scott Western Maryland Relays
2010-12-18_Smithsburg Holiday Invitational
2010-12-17_HCC Invitational
2010-12-04_Terry Baker Invitational
2010-05-15_Maryland School for the Deaf
2010-05-13_Washington County Championships
2010-04-28_Tri-Sate Invitational
2010-04-24_Chuck Zonis Invitational
2010-04-17_Urbana Invitational
2010-04-10_Heurich Invitational
2010-03-26_Clear Spring Invitational
2010-02-17_1A West Region Meet
2010-01-22_MVAL Antietam Conference
2010-01-15_Washington County Championship
2010-01-04_Dwight Scott Relays
2009-12-18_Frederick Washington County
2009-12-12_Smithsburg Holiday Invitational
2009-12-04_Terry Baker Invitational
2009-05-15_1A West Region
2009-05-07_Washington County Chamionship
2009-05-01_Antietam Conference Championship
2009-04-18_Urbana Invitational
2009-04-11_Heurich Invitational
2009-02-07_2A West Region Meet
2009-01-31_1A West Region Meet
2009-01-24_Washington County Championship
2009-01-09_Antietam Conference Championship
2009-01-02_Western Maryland Relays
2008-05-15 1A West Region
2008-05-02_Antietam Conference Chamionship
2008-04-19_Urbana Invitational
2008-04-12_Heurich Invitational
2008-04-05_Dwight Scott Invitational

Hand Timed Results from past meets

These are results I found on an old harddrive and some of the dates might not be accurate to when the meet was run.