Who is Western Maryland Fully Automatic Timing

Western Maryland Fully Automatic Timing (W.M.F.A.T.) has over 40 years of Track and Field experience from cross country to local marathons. W.M.F.A.T. has scored over 150 T&F events and has experience in handling special meets such as the Maryland School for the Deaf.

W.M.F.A.T. is available for any size meet, large to small and in between. Our price is comparable with other similar organizations providing this type of service. W.M.F.A.T. can use on-line registration to simplify the process and increase the accuracy of participants. Results will be posted on our website and/or can be sent to one of your choices for posting.

We are located in beautiful Washington County, Maryland, only a few minutes from the Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia borders. All members are certified with the National Federation of High School Officials Association (NFHS) And USA Track and Field (USATF) along with being ACTIVE/HY-TEK Certified Timing Contractors.

At this time, we are not able to run any 5k, or Fun Runs